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Greatness Comes from Standing Out, Not Fitting In


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Chase Poirier

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Be you

There’s one thing that separates truly great people from mediocracy.

And that’s how closely they listen to that little voice inside their head. The one that when you close your eyes and listen, is telling you exactly what you want to do, what’s going to make you truly happy.

The problem is that in today’s society we are told not to listen to this voice. In schools we are taught to get good grades so that we can get a good job. Social media has taught us what we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to our personal lives, and we are told that when you get a good job, and listen to what society says, then we will be happy.

But truly great people know this is not how the real world works.

Until a few years ago, I was that exact person. Trying to fit in, get good grades so I could get a good job, and be happy as a result.

I silenced the little voice inside of me to please society.

What happened as a result? Nothing.

According to society I was doing exactly what I should have been doing. I was getting good grades in college, making a ton “friends” on social media, keeping up with all of the latest trends, and planning what seemed like the perfect future, but in reality I was utterly depressed.

I wasn’t listening to myself and as a result I wasn’t living life to my fullest potential

If you truly want to change the world you need to listen to yourself first before anyone else.

This is one of the greatest life lessons I have learned to date and by following this simple rule, I have begun to completely change the way I live. Every morning before I start my day I listen myself first and plan my day around what’s going to bring me closest to achieving what I am passionate about.

This means that I might turn down that nice paying job offer or freelance project or leadership position for a small club. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I listened to myself first and decided their was something more valuable that I could be doing compared to what society says will be valuable to me.

It can be scary at times to venture off the beaten path but after experiencing both sides, I can definitely say it’s worth it. So my advice to you is to take a minute to close your eyes and listen to that little voice inside of your head and start building your life around what that voice says.

It’s crazy how much you can accomplish when you do.