My Process on Helping Startups
Grow Through Web and App Design.


Many startups are eager to launch their own website, but what they don't realize is that a design that is solely based on the aesthetic value is not going to help them grow. What they need is a website designed to solve problems.

These are the types of websites I provide to startups and it's my passion to help them grow. I make sure that together we find the core issues the company is faced with and how we can overcome these problems. I then create a thoughtful, goal oriented design solution that is entirely based around solving these business problems.

UX Design

My strategy phase begins with multiple conversations between me and the client about the current state of the startup and some of the issues the business is facing.

I ask descriptive questions about the startup in order to really get to the single core issue the company is facing and once that main problem is found, I begin my goal oriented design process with the sole purpose of solving that business problem.

Now matter the difficulty of the problem I will always spend as many hours as needed in order to not only create a solution but the most effective solution that will help grow your startup.

UI Design

During this stage of the design process the client really gets to see their ideas of the startup come to life. Based on the previous conversations about their business, I begin creating high-fidelity wire frames that layout the basic structure of the website.

Then after more conversations between me and the client I move onto the final stage of the design process. During this stage I bring in any specific fonts, colors, and images that help push the design to further solving the business problem. Upon completion of this phase the client will be able to see exactly what their new top tier website is going to look like.


This marks the final stage of the design process. During the development stage I work with html, css, and Javascript to code the final version of the website. Further details are added such as animations and hover states, all still with the purpose of solving the original business problem.

I am also fleunt with PHP which allows me to add unique features such as a content management system, which allows you to create your own content for the website, database initialization to get your site up and running, and a run through of how Google analytics works so you can track your user statistics.