Bringing a Print Magazine to the Digital Age.


I wanted to give the Reporter site a solid identity because the current site lacks one. It was a mix between a digital magazine and news site which confuses the user because they don't know what they are looking at. I decided to give the Reporter a digital magazine feel that was sophisticated and easy to read. Since most magazines are heavily imagery based, I wanted to do the same for the Reporter. Hover states were also added to give the user more information when they want it without giving too much information at the very start.


Class Project


  • Web Design

  • Concept Development

  • Prototyping

  • Front-End Development

Visual Design

Keywords for the visual design of the new Reporter website were sophistication and simplicity. A lot of content was given to the user when they first loaded the page which made the decision process hard. Breaking up the content into sections based on category made the page easier to scan and gave the user less decisions they had to make which in the end made for a better user experience.

Sophisticated and Simple Header

A callout to the categories and featured articles was the main function of the header on the website. Large images in a slider format convey a better mood versus just a description and whitespace was used to add to the sense of sophistication while browsing the website. A small banner on the top of the page informs the user that a print version is available.

Unique Hover States

Articles can have a lot of information and to go along with the simplicity of the website I wanted to make sure content was only visible when the user needed to see it. To accomplish this I added a unique hover state that only showed content when the use hovered over the article they want to read more about. A short description of the article and read more link floated up from under the article that disappeared once the user stopped hovering the object.

A Digital Magazine

The old Reporter website was lacking a sense of identity which limited its user base and confused users who did end up visiting the site. In the end I wanted to create a design that had one design direction, creating an immersive digital magazine, which in turn will increase the retention rate of current customers and expand their market in one direction.