LIFESTYLE  /  04.27.2017

My Journey as a Storyteller
Starts Here

The Beginning

This is just the beginning. If someone was to come up to me and say I was a success I would laugh hysterically and wonder where they came to think of that. I have never wrote an article for a blog before. I have only had one real client for my business and today is the initial launch of my new website. I still have a long way to go but that is the fun part. That is where I get my motivation and passion from; knowing that this is just the beginning.

It was scary to jump in and start. I am scared right now as I write this article. I have no idea if it makes sense, if my grammar is correct, or if people will even care to read it but I am still writing. I am overcoming my fear as I write this first article and it excites me to see where this will take my career.

Overcoming Fears

I believe that many people want to break away from their daily routine and begin following their passions; I'm sure you do too. But the reality is, most don't. Most people stay stuck in their current routine for fear of the unknown. There will always be an excuse such as I don't have the time, I'm too young, I don't know where to start, or I don't know enough to start but, to be put bluntly, these are all just excuses that hide your fears.

My goal is to help you overcome those fears by writing a blog that is a fully transparent documentation of my own story from day one. I want to share everything with you from my initial fears and how I overcame them to present day struggles and my strategies to push past those as well, which I hope in return, makes your realize that your fears of starting aren't as bad as they seem.

Why Share My Story?

Sharing is a powerful concept that most people underestimate. When I think of where I was a few months ago and where I am now, most of my success has come from this concept. I have a beautiful relationship because we openly share everything about our lives. My design and development work has grown exponentially because I shared my work with my colleagues asking for honest feedback. And I went out and started my own business because someone else openly shared their story which inspired me to do the same.

Only good comes from sharing your story so I want to share process of starting my company so that you can see first-hand what it's like and hopefully show you that it's worth it to begin following your passions instead of your daily routine.

I Encourage You to Share too

Everyone has a unique story and I love hearing about what people aspire to do with their own lives. If you want to connect further and share your journey be sure to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!