Coastal Aesthetics
Medical Spa based out of York, Maine.


Coastal Aesthetics is a small medical spa based out of York, Maine that specializes in Botox and dermal fillers for patients in the local area. Since the company is in the development phase, they had yet to create an overall brand for themselves or a website to promote the business. My challenge was to give the company a unique brand that appealed to their target market and united the business as a whole.


Coastal Aesthetics


  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Branding

  • SEO Management

  • WordPress Integration


The branding stage started by capturing the core values associated with the company and listing them out. I then worked with this keywords to build a brand that directly reflected what Coastal Aesthetics aims to do. I wanted to keep the logo simplistic yet memorable so that it resonated with potential clients and made them want to explore the company more.

Visual Design

The key function of the Coastal Aesthetics website is the online booking program and with this in mind, I wanted to make sure it was reflected in the visual design. Every detail of the website was built around increasing the conversion of new users to booking a free consultation. In order to do this I made sure that the content was clear and easy to read, colors were used only to guide the user down the path of booking an appointment, and that the booking flow had a well thought out user experience.

Creating A Simplified Booking Experience

There is a lot of information needed from the user before they can book an appointment so my challenge was to create a solution that gathered all this information while still keeping the user engaged in the website. Breaking up the booking experience into four core screens made sure that the user was never overwhelmed with information and only saw content that was related to the other content on the interface.

An Interactive Service Page

It was important to add an interactive display of the different types of services offered because there is a lot of content to manage. Creating a visual allows the user to see where certain services are going to affect certain areas of their face in a way that is easy to understand and simple to use.

A Professional Medical Spa

In conclusion the Coastal Aesthetics website was designed and developed around converting more online users to booking an appointment for their office in York, Maine. WordPress was integrated as a content management system so that all the content on the website can be adjusted and updated constantly to ensure a good SEO score and that they are reaching the right customers.